The overall aim of ReportingNZ is to contribute to a discussion on how to build an informed society. ReportingNZ is a McGuinness Institute policy project that began in 2016 and formed a major part of our 2017 work programme.

Latest research 

Invitation to comment
Report 17 – Building a Reporting Framework fit for Purpose [Draft]
From Monday, 1 October 2018

The Institute has almost completed a major piece of work on New Zealand’s reporting framework – the country’s information infrastructure. The framework operates under the surface but influences the way that decisions are made. We hope this report will add to the conversation about how to improve its function and refine its purpose. Mapping the existing framework has proved a complex and time-consuming exercise; for this reason we are seeking feedback before the final report is published later this year. We will publish the report in draft here on Monday 1 October, and would appreciate all feedback by Monday, 22 October 2018. This will give all interested parties an opportunity to provide operational and strategic feedback and review our findings and recommendations.

This is a follow-on from our work on the 2017 ReportingNZ SurveysWorking Paper 2018/01 – NZSX-listed company tables and other supporting publications, which are now available. For more information, visit the ReportingNZ website.

Latest publication

Working Paper 2018/03 – Analysis of Climate Change Reporting in the Public and Private Sectors

The McGuinness Institute has recently undertaken an analysis of climate change reporting in the public and private sectors. The Institute team comprehensively reviewed all 2017 annual reports (or financial statements) published by Deloitte Top 200 companies, government departments, Crown agents and Crown entities, state-owned enterprises and local authorities.

See here for more information.

Upcoming events

Wednesday 1 August: Launch of Report 17 – Building a Reporting Framework Fit for Purpose 

This report will bring together the findings from our two surveys with what we can learn from national and international research. We aim to highlight key findings and make suggestions on how New Zealand might better use external reporting to drive foresight and strategy so that the country is better prepared for the future. The report will be launched at a public event at the McGuinness Institute, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.
RSVP by July 30 to reportingnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org.

Wednesday 8 August: Landscape of climate change research in New Zealand lunchtime discussion event  

The Institute will host an event bringing together a range of people working in the area of climate change research in order to assess current work programmes. This lunchtime discussion event will cover the research intentions of key groups in the sector on climate change in the next two years in order to identify gaps, inform future priorities and maximise often limited research resources. The event will result in an illustration of the landscape of current and short-term future research on climate change in New Zealand. It will begin at 12.30pm, lasting for an hour. This event is currently invitation only, however we are accepting expressions of interest in attending here: enquiries@mcguinnessinstitute.org

Previous ReportingNZ publications

The 2017 Extended External Reporting SurveysWorking Paper 2018/01 – NZSX-listed company tables and other supporting publications are now available. For more information, see here.

The 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys (in collaboration with the External Reporting Board [XRB]) aim to contribute to the global conversation on how to improve the quality of Extended External Reporting (EER) by looking at the challenges and opportunities that exist in New Zealand. The accompanying reports were prepared with the objective to find insights in the surveys and communicate findings.

Working Paper 2018/01 – NZSX-listed company tables (in collaboration with BDO) aims to explore the current EER practices and provide context to the Users’ Survey and Preparers’ Survey. View here.

About the three policy projects
The McGuinness Institute developed three interlinking policy projects that stem from our observation that foresight drives strategy, strategy requires reporting, and reporting shapes foresight; hence, ForesightNZStrategyNZ and ReportingNZ. Each policy project is concerned with a set of tools and frameworks that shape and drive public policy. Our three policy projects highlight that the principles of foresight, strategy, and reporting must align if we want New Zealand to develop durable, robust and forward-looking public policy. We separate policy projects from research projects to emphasise that these three sets of tools and frameworks transcend and differ from the significant issues facing New Zealand. For a full explanation, go to the About page on the McGuinness Institute website.

If you have any enquiries about this project, please email reportingnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org.