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2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys

This research is a collaboration between the External Reporting Board (XRB) and the Institute. The surveys and accompanying documents can be found here.

The 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys aim to contribute to the global conversation on how to improve the quality of Extended External Reporting (EER) by looking at the challenges and opportunities that exist within New Zealand. The accompanying reports were prepared with the objective to find insights in the surveys and communicate findings.

Working Paper 2018/01 – NZSX-listed company tables

This research and analysis was prepared as a collaboration between BDO and the Institute. Working Paper 2018/01 and Supporting Paper 2018/01: Methodology for Working Paper 2018/01 can be found here.






Working Paper 2018/01 aims to explore current EER practices and provide context to both the Users’ Survey and Preparers’ Survey.

The overall aim of ReportingNZ is to contribute to a discussion on how to build an informed society. ReportingNZ is a McGuinness Institute policy project that began in 2016 and formed a major part of our 2017 work programme.

About the three policy projects
The McGuinness Institute developed three interlinking policy projects that stem from our observation that foresight drives strategy, strategy requires reporting, and reporting shapes foresight; hence, ForesightNZStrategyNZ and ReportingNZ. Each policy project is concerned with a set of tools and frameworks that shape and drive public policy. Our three policy projects highlight that the principles of foresight, strategy, and reporting must align if we want New Zealand to develop durable, robust and forward-looking public policy. We separate policy projects from research projects to emphasise that these three sets of tools and frameworks transcend and differ from the significant issues facing New Zealand. For a full explanation, go to the About page on the McGuinness Institute website.

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